Friday, June 8, 2007

I just ran a marathon

I just got back from the San Diego Rock and Roll marathon. My finishing time was 5:06. I'm thinking that this isn't too bad for a first marathon. At least I finished, right?

I pretty much got up to about mile 18 and was feeling pretty good. After that I had to start taking some walk breaks. My walk breaks eventually got longer and longer. My wind and fitness level was fine, the problem was the pounding on my feet and knees. I could have done more longer training runs I'm thinking.

The last few miles were very painful and when I stopped, I couldn't wait to get my shoes off.

Overall, I'd say that it was a success. Here I am less than a week later and I'm already thinking about my next marathon.

My buddy emailed me today and we're considering doing the Boulder Back Roads marathon on Sept. 30th of this year. The event is over 100 days away so I'm thinking that I'll have plenty of training time. I won't be starting from zero this time.

So this is what this blog is about. My adventures in my marathon training for upcoming marathons.

Let the running begin.

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