Sunday, June 10, 2007

Easy run Sunday, June 10 2007

Today was my first run since the marathon. It wasn't too bad. I really wanted to check and see if my feet and knees were back to normal. Everything felt pretty good. I have had a headache just about all week though. Some kind of sinus headache combined with a freakish headache on the left side of my head that kept me out of work for two days. I also went to the doctor twice. Once for a visit about the headache and another time to get some blood drawn.

Here's the run info:

Route: Garden of the Gods north loop. Course Map
Distance: 3.14 miles
Time: 31:55
Pace: 10:10

Notes: My wind wasn't quite there. Pretty much the only run I've done over the past two weeks has been a marathon at sea level. I'm sure my wind will come back in no time.

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