Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday Night BJJ class

Another good class as usual. We worked on two escapes from the bear hug. Over the arms and under the arms. Then we worked on two guard passing techniques.

Bear Hug 1. Under the arms:
1. Move you right arm in between your head and theirs and place your forearm on their throat. Grab your right wrist with your left hand and apply preassure to their thoat.
2. Move your hips out and away from them, creating space between the two of you.
3. Move your right hand off of their throat, down and up under their arm pointing up.
4. Grab their tricep with your left hand and squeeze with your elbow.
5. Do the step in front and back foot work to do the hip throw.

Bear Hug 2. Over the arms:
1. Place both your hands on their hips and push awaywith your arms and your hips.
2. Move your elbows in on your stomach so they can't pull you close.
3. Once the space is created, move your right hand up under their armpit on to his back.
4. Grab their right tricep with your left hand.
5. Do the step in front and back footwork to do the hip throw.

Guard pass 1.
1. Grab both lapels with right hand and posture.
2. Grab pants at hip with left hand.
3. Keep elbows in.
4. Move from your knees up onto your right knee and your left foot. Make sure your left foot is back far enough so they can't grab it.
5. Keeping your right elbow in, keep hold of only one lapel.
6. Reach back with your left hand to release the guard and place their leg on your shoulder.
7. Immediately reach with your left hand across and grab their lapel. Thumb in.
8. Stack them up and begin to move around.
9. With your shoulder, move their leg out of the way and gain side control.

Guard pass 2.
1. Same process as above but they get heavy on their leg when you attempt to put it on your shoulder.
2. Press down on their knee to the ground.
3. You now should have your left knee up and your right knee down.
4. Quickly reverse your leg positions. Left leg down over their leg, with your right leg up.
5. Reach around their head with your left hand and under their arm with your right hand. Gable grip.
6. Move your right knee over their down leg with your left.
7. Move your feet out of guard to gain side control.

Like I said, a great class as usual. Next class is Thursday night. Maybe I'll get my third stripe. Maybe.

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