Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First BJJ Purple Belt program class

Well I got my third stripe last week. That means that I can sign up for the purple belt program which is what I did. So last night I went to my first purple belt class and I pretty much had my ass handed to me. But it was fun and I learned a lot.The biggest thing I need to learn is how to relax. I just can't go for it all the time , I have to take my time and move when the time is right. Another thing I realized is that I'm going to get a lot stronger. Because I am very sore today.I also realized that my wind is pretty good. Many people were very tired and I still had plenty left. so that was cool. The first guy I wokred with was Steve. Steve is an older guyand it seamed like he was tired from the very begining. He had pretty good technique but I was able to pass his guard and I think I swept him one time. The next guy I worked with was a younger guy who had his blue belt. This guy pretty much dominated me.We then did a pretty cool drill with everyone in class. It was a back drill where you started witha guy on your back and the idea was to escape the position. After you escaped or got submitted, your partner switched and you got a new partner. It was a cool drill and I got owned the whole time.

During Randori I did ok, I was able to pass Joe's guard several times. I also submitted Cory (She's a blue belt but to be honest, I used my strength to get her in a good position). I worked with Leandro who I think submitted me once and that was it.

I did pretty good with Joe. I think he may rely on his size too much. It was a good class though. I really enjoyed it but like I said, I am very sore today.

Next purple belt class is on Wednesday night.

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