Monday, July 16, 2007

I haven't posted in a while but I'm back

I was out of town for a week and to be honest, I needed to take a few days off to re-evaluate my running. The purpose of the re-evaluation was to make sure that I'm still having fun running. I don't want it to become like a job for me and some of those Sunday long runs were starting to have that feel. So the best thing for me to do when I feel like that is to take some time off.

Last week I was in California and I did manage to go for about a 40 minute run on the beach. I took the Ipod and it was early in the morning so it was a good run.

Yesterday I went and did Waldo Canyon. My time ended up being 1:36. Not terrible but not great either. It was good to be out there though. Some people on the trail are really kinda funny. When you're coming up on them, they just sorta stop and look at you like they have no idea what to do. Others just let their dog stand right in the middle of the trail as you're trying to get past. Many more people understand trail etiquette and try to get out of the way at least a little bit.

One problem that I'm having is my right foot. I'm not sure what I did but It really hurts. I did something during conditioning class on Saturday. Like I said, not sure whatbut it hurts. It's a little better today. I am planning on running tomorrow so I'll see how it feels in the morning.

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