Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Plan

Exercise / Fitness Plan
The Goal: Loose 10 punds and get down to 170. This will put me in the top of the middle weight division for BJJ tournaments. My current weight is 180.5 witha body fat percentage of 13.8%. The idea is to drop my body fat percentage to 10% while keeping the same muscle mass.
The plan will be built around my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and running schedules. I'd like to incorporate at least 1 mountain bike ride a week, some crossfit type conditioning and weight lifting.

Fitness Schedule
Monday: rest day
Tuesday: 3 miles in am BJJ at night
Wednesday: 3 miles in am Full body weight routine at night.
Thursday: 3 miles in am BJJ at night
Friday: rest day or mountain biking in pm.
Saturday: BJJ in am with conditioning class.
Sunday: Long run or hike.

Diet Schedule
  • option 1: raisin bran, protein shake.
  • option 2: oatmeal with 2 eggs
  • option 3: oatmeal, fruit protein shake

    Morning snack:
  • option 1: protein bar
  • option 2: protein shake
  • option 3: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich
  • option 4: banana
  • option 5 : low fat cottage cheese

  • option 1: Salad with chicken

    Afternoon snack:
  • option 1: fruit - apple, banana, orange
  • option 2: protein shake
  • option 3: crackers, gold fish, pretzels

    Sensible dinner:
    spaghetti with salad
    grilled chicken with rice and veggies
    hamburger helper with veggies
    pork with potatoes and veggies.
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